Title kajona news (http://www.kajona.de)
Description Kajona News. Stay tuned!

Kajona V6.2 released (06/07/2017)
Kajona 6.2 shifts the focus to PHP 7
About the current state of Kajona (03/25/2017)
Some thoughts about the future - we need you
The KajonaBase is dead - long live the KajonaBase! (01/22/2017)
Upcoming shutdown of KajonaBase
Kajona V5.1 released (01/06/2017)
Version 5.1 follows the release of 5.0 and focuses on stabilization.
Security update (08/05/2016)
An XXS bug was found in module system and module eventmanager
Kajona Community Repository (07/04/2016)
Upload and share your templates, modules and element using the Kajona User Repository
Kajona V5.0 "phartastic" released (05/25/2016)
Version 5.0 marks the beginning of a new era. Despite a complete rewritten fundament, Kajona V5 ships with an overhauled portal-editor and a new template-engine, rewritten from scratch.
Kajona DevCon 2015 (08/17/2015)
Planung und Anmeldung haben begonnen
Kajona V4.7 "springtide" available (05/15/2015)
A refactored backend improves the rendering on mobile devices.
Issues moved to GitHub (02/13/2015)
The old tracker is no longer in use

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